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Animal shelters and rescues: A reminder to be mindful before adopting a pet – KVLY

Animal shelters and rescues: A reminder to be mindful before adopting a pet – KVLY

FARGO, N. D. (Valley News Live) — While circumstances like COVID and inflation has exacerbated the overcrowding issues in animal shelters and protects, it has put a strain on people who sometimes can no longer take care of their pets anymore.

“The economy and prices going up on everything, ” said Stephanie Rood, an adoption coordinator with the Circle associated with Friends Animal Shelter.

Circle of Friends within Grand Forks has seen cats, dogs and even rabbits that are in need of a forever home. There are many differing reasons as to why an animal might end up in a shelter, but one reason according to the shelters plus rescues it tends to happen when someone surrenders their pets. These institutes want to remind the public to do their own research prior to bringing in the pet into their homes.

“The annual vet bills, the food, the care, ” stated Megan Rupe, a volunteer with Journey Home Animal Rescue. “Do you have a plan for when they get sick? There’s a ton that goes into making sure that you take the best treatment possible for your pet while also being a responsible owner and an animal lover. ”

Despite these challenges that they face, these groups and organizations relish connecting one associated with their animals with a new family.

“We’ve helped over 5, 000 creatures since 2019 and it’s incredible, ” said Rupe. “You hear these crazy stories of how these types of dogs got to us. The fact that we’re able to make such an impact for them, get them adopted plus really support the entire area as an offer organization has been awesome. ”

Circle associated with Friends Pet shelter Adoption Center recently had their grand opening in Grand Forks, ND. For more information on all of them, click here .

The Trip Home Pet Rescue is also based in Grand Forks, their information can become found here .

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