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Check It Out: Pet rescue, adoption stories heartwarming – The Columbian

Check It Out: Pet rescue, adoption stories heartwarming – The Columbian

The first week in November celebrates National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, and I just want to send out six cheers for animal adoptions everywhere. Bark, bark, bark! Meow, meow, meow! I should probably throw in a “chirpity-chirp, ” “bwok-bwok, ” and “hiss-hiss” because pet adoptions involve many species. Bottom line, there are lots of animals who need love, compassion and good homes.

Welcoming a shelter pet, or any homeless animal, into one’s home is a big step, plus it’s not possible for everyone. But everybody can read about happy rescues and feel warm and fuzzy inside. To help celebrate National Pet shelter Appreciation Week, I am recommending the selection of titles with regard to adults, kids, and animal lovers/readers of all ages. One associated with my favorite comic strips is “Mutts, ” written plus illustrated by Patrick McDonnell. The library has many of his heartwarming titles, and I encourage all pet lovers to give him a try. He is a strong voice for the humane treatment of creatures, and often references quotes from well-known animal advocates. One of my personal favorite quotes will be from Jane Goodall: “Only if we understand, can we care. Only if all of us care, we all will help. Only if we assist, we shall be saved. ”


  • “Funny Farm: My Unexpected Life with 600 Rescue Animals” by Laurie Zaleski.
  • “Mutual Rescue: How Adopting a Homeless Animal Can Save You, Too” by Carol Novello.
  • “Rescuing Penny Anne: One Shelter Volunteer, Countless Dogs, and the Quest to Find Them All Homes” simply by Amy Sutherland.


  • “How Tickles Saved Pickles: A True Story” by Maddie Johnson.
  • “Madeline Finn as well as the Shelter Dog” written plus illustrated by Lisa Papp.
  • “Sweet Senior Pups” simply by Kama Einhorn.

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