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Home for the Holidays: The Do’s and Don’ts of Pet Adoption During the Season – Falls Church News Press

Home for the Holidays: The Do’s and Don’ts of Pet Adoption During the Season – Falls Church News Press

As the holiday season approaches, one popular gift someone can give to themselves or others is a furry friend. However , the adoption of a pet during the holidays comes with responsibilities plus circumstances that may differ from the ownership process any other season.  

Adoption agencies and shelters are gearing up for the likely increase in animal adoptions in the next few weeks due to the particular holidays. The particular Humane Society of Fairfax County, Wolftrap Animal Rescue, The Little Black Dog Rescue are just some of the many local shelters, rescues and organizations preparing their furry inhabitants in finding their own forever home during the vacations.  

With this possible increase within holiday adoptions, local pet rescues have advice with regard to those considering welcoming a pet into their particular life this season.  

Adopting an animal during the particular holiday season has its own set of circumstances for feasible adoptees. (Photo: Michelle Whitaker)

Chelsea Jones is the senior Communications Specialist at the Animal Welfare League associated with Arlington, which sees an increase in adoptions around the holidays because of to people having time off of work and having more time to spend with the new pet. Jones said though the particular animal shelter encourages people to adopt an animal throughout the holidays, there are “huge differences” between adopting a pet during this season compared to adopting one some other time of year.  

“One of the biggest things you possess to consider is what your schedule is going to look like over the holidays, ” Jones stated. “Some people are traveling, some people are having lots of family over and those things can be really stressful regarding a new pet in the home. ” 

If one decides to travel throughout the vacation season, Jones stated achievable future pet owners should figure out if they have enough time for a pet in order to become comfortable with their new surroundings before setting them up along with an animal sitter or taking them along on their holiday trip. For those who have family coming into town intended for the vacations, Jones recommends that brand new pets, such as cats, should be kept in one room of the house during the family visit to limit the potential stress on the new animal. New pet owners should also remind visitors exactly what the rules may be about one’s pet; whether a visitor should approach the animal or not.

One holiday idea local re-homing agencies plus animal shelters provide for is putting together or wrapping an “adoption kit. ” Filling a box with toys, the bed, leash and a lot more can make it easier for one to decide whether they want to gift themselves or even others with a furry friend during the vacation season. If a person is sure associated with adopting a pet to get themselves or someone else, they make an event of visiting the shelter and gifting their new dog with the adoption kit.  

Michelle Whitaker, the particular dog program manager in the Falls Church-based organization Lost Dog & Cat Save Foundation, mentioned people that may be planning on implementing a pet throughout the holiday season should make sure the animal is “compatible” with their own lifestyle instead of getting a furry buddy for the “cuteness factor. ” For those who would like a “calm” home during the holidays, Whitaker recommended adopting an older dog or cat rather of a puppy or kitten.  

Although Whitaker stated Dropped Dog & Cat Recovery encourages individuals to follow an animal, she said future family pet owners ought to “do their particular homework” plus visit nearby shelters or even adoption events to interact with a potential furry friend. Most importantly, Whitaker stated 1 shouldn’t wait until Christmas Eve to decide whether or not to adopt, but rather take some time regardless of whether adopting the pet throughout the holidays may be the right choice for all of them.  

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