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Viral pet profile of sad, depressed cat Fistopher leads to adoption – USA TODAY

Viral pet profile of sad, depressed cat Fistopher leads to adoption – USA TODAY

A “very sad and depressed” kitty who found himself at a New Jersey adoption center now has a forever home after a social media post sharing his picture and user profile went viral last week.

You might chalk the feline’s good luck up to that, coupled with the fact his  Petfinder profile may be one of the most, well, depressing posts anyone has ever read.

“Fishtopher is not a fish out of water, but he will be from sorts at the shelter. He is very sad plus depressed and will only eat when he offers company, ” the user profile written by Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center begins.   “Fishtopher was found as a stray, maybe he is missing his family. He wouldn’t even look up for pictures, but did enjoy their one on one attention, and getting chin rubs. inch

The profiler’s words drew the quick attention of Twitter user Molly Clarke .

“i swear to god. if one of you doesn’t go get fishtopher, ”   Clarke posted Thursday   above the photo of the domestic short-hair and Bengal mix featuring heartbreaking, dejected beautiful green eyes.

At that point, the shelter told USA TODAY, he had  been homeless for 39 days.  

But shelter workers knew Fishtopher had potential.

“He is a sweet, easy-going, laid-back boy. Fishtopher loves being pet, and is an affectionate boy, inches his profile continues. “A  big cheeky boy, wouldn’t you love rubbing up on those big cheeks? He loves cuddling upward in arms, it seems to make him feel secure….   Please come rescue our big loveable child! ”

After the tweet discussing his user profile went virus-like, Fishtopher’s fortune changed fast.   The tweet amassed more than 169, 000 likes plus more compared to 21, 500 retweets. Many pet owners commented on their own happy  adoption tales.

On Saturday, Laura Folts, 22, and her partner, Tanner Callahan, 24, adopted your pet, NBC reported.   The couple said they drove two hours from Baltimore in order to Blackwood, New Jersey, to meet him before taking him home.

In a Facebook post  over the particular weekend, the shelter wrote, “FISHTOPHER HAS LEFT THE BUILDING. ”

The particular shelter also said his adoption came after it received “hundreds of inquiries. ”

Folts tweeted  the particular details associated with her journey home with her new pet and  created Twitter and Instagram accounts with regard to her brand new pet.

“i want to use this new audience to help other fishtophers and give people fun cat photos of your pet chilling at home (which is what the internet was made for), ” a Sunday  tweet  through Fishtopher’s account reads.

The  post received excitement and thanks.

“Thank you regarding helping protection pets!! Fishtopher fan club, ” Tweets user Julie Castle replied .

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Fishtophers’ brand new mom furthermore retweeted a number of posts about other cats  in need of homes  from the girl new pet’s account.

In the meantime, Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center is usually asking people  to adopt,   not shop.

“We’re super happy for him, ” the particular shelter said  in its  Facebook post  Saturday. “But if you were interested inside him, have no fear. We have hundreds of other kitties who are just as wonderful and are wishing that people would come and stand in line intended for them, inch

For the record, Fishtopher appears to be settling in just fine at their new home.

“ohh large stretch, inches a  recent Instagram articles reads because the fluffball lies on his back, his face curled into a white pillow covered along with multi-colored hearts and all four paws reaching for the sky.

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