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Watch The Emotional Moment Rescue Staff Bursts Into Applause As Long-Overlooked Dog Finally Goes Home – The Dodo

Watch The Emotional Moment Rescue Staff Bursts Into Applause As Long-Overlooked Dog Finally Goes Home – The Dodo

After over 200 days spent living at the Humane Save Alliance , Betsy was finally walking out the particular front door with a new family who has been so excited to have her.

Betsy didn’t have to feel nervous because as she took one last glance at the shelter, she saw an thrilled crowd of rescue staff members supporting her, cheering the girl on .

“I had chills, ” Ashley Valm, the director of adoptions at the Humane Recovery Alliance, told The Dodo. “I noticed a few of my colleagues crying. Everyone was really excited to see her go home. ”

The rescue recorded the particular emotional moment in the video here:

Betsy had been found residing by herself in the Anacostia neighborhood in Southeast D. C. When she arrived at the rescue, staff members were struck by her unabashed love for people.

“[Betsy] will gaze at you and lean gently into you while a person pet her, ” Valm said. “She’s never met a person she didn’t like. ”

But Betsy didn’t get along quite as well with the other dogs, and she found the particular shelter to be a stressful environment.

Rescue staff knew it might take a little more time for anxious Betsy to find the right home. As they waited, these people did everything they could to make Betsy comfortable. They even began welcoming the girl into their spaces so that the girl could get away from the noise.

“She spent a lot associated with time in our directors’ offices, which the lady loved because there were no other dogs, ” Valm said. “She would snooze on the couch in the office and cuddle along with our personnel all day. She was a doll and a dream to have at the office. ”

Whenever Betsy has been finally adopted, the shelter was celebrating Clear the particular Shelters day time, a nationwide pet adoption drive. A buzz of excitement hung in the air.

“There was already a party atmosphere happening, ” Valm said.

As news began to spread that Betsy would be going home, protection staff radioed each other on walkie-talkies, urging everyone in order to come send her off.

They clapped and cheered and yelled words associated with encouragement as they watched the particular sweet dog they’d gotten to know therefore well depart for her next chapter, knowing that simply by showing empathy and compassion, they had played a role within changing the girl life.

To support some other dogs such as Betsy, make a donation to Humane Rescue Alliance here .  

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